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What is Vendor Managed Inventory?

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) is a streamlined approach to inventory management and order fulfillment. VMI involves collaboration between suppliers and their customers.
Instead of sending purchase orders, customers electronically send daily demand information to the supplier. The supplier generates replenishment orders for the customer based on this demand information. The process is guided by mutually agreed upon objectives for the customer's inventory levels, fill rates, and transaction costs.
The goal of VMI is to align business objectives and streamline supply chain operations for both suppliers and their customers. The business value is a direct result of increased information flow: Improved Inventory Turns ; Improved Service.

Our MRO VMI Solutions

We continue to invest in technology and upgrade our replenishment process at our client site by installing our latest cloud WMS. It utlizes the bar coding and provide local and online access to clients.